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Unravel (game review)

UNRAVEL GAME REVIEW!!Hey guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What's up!!!!! I am sorry for not posting for a month, I was on holiday and I just needed a break............. BUT I am back!!!!!!! bigger and better!!
For some of you who don't know Unravel comes in my list of "My top 5 games".
The reason I like the game is that:
1. The game is gorgeous!!!!! - The game forces you to pay attention to small details- bright flowers,fruits,small rocks etc
2. The puzzles are awesome!!!- If you guys don't know, Unravel is a puzzle-platformer game. The main character of the game is Yarny. He is made of wool and can swing across huge gaps,tether objects to each other and himself.
3. Yarny is cute and adorable- The first time I saw yarny, I said this- "He is so cute!!!!" and I mean that. I feel like Yarny is the cutest and the most adorable video game character.
4. The story- The game is all about unraveling your memories. There is sadness as well has happiness.
5. The sound effects-…
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Middle earth:Shadow of Mordor Review

Middle earth: Shadow of Mordor Review
Hey guys!!!

I know, I know this game is 3 years old, but I had to write a review of this game.
I bought this game in the steam summer sale.
The game is beautiful!!!! It awesome!!!!
The open world is like the best!!! For anyone of you who are new to this blog or just don't know, I love open world games, and this was one of the best open world games I have played. The combat system is kinda like Assassin's creed and Batman, which is awesome!!! I love the combat system in this game. This game is a little bit difficult though, It took me probably 20 tries to kill a Warchief (they are enemies). It actually took me a WEEK to kill the 2nd warchief. This game is so HARD!!!!I like that this game has upgrades. You can upgrade your weapons and you can get skills which is awesome!!The graphics in this game are so good. I think there is a sequel coming out of this game. It's called Middle earth: Shadow of War. I am super excited for the sequel!! 😀I thi…

I finally got a fidget spinner

I finally got a fidget spinner!!!!!!!!Hey guys!!!
So I finally got a fidget spinner!!!!!!

I wanted to get a fidget spinner for ages.
Before I start to say anything about fidget spinners, make sure to check out motion blur.
This dude makes amazing artwork.
Here is his twitter
I was not paid by him!!!

Ok so I wanted to make a post about fidget spinners for a while but I kept post poning, which nobody should do!!
I got a fidget spinner which costed like 4$, I will leave a link later on the post. I got an led fidget spinner which really looks cool., as you can see in the picture below.

Now, some people say that this fidget spinner toy helped them a lot. This toy has been advertised to help people with a lot of stress and anxiety. I really liked this toy. It did kinda help me. It helped me focus on a lot of work. Its also very pleasing to watch it spin. My fidget spinner spins for about 1 minute which is okay for me. For some of you who don't know this is how…

1000 PAGEVIEWS ON OUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!

1000 PAGEVIEWS ON OUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!  
Hey guys!!!!
Today we hit 1000 pageviews on our blog!!!! That's crazy!!!! thank you guys so much!! I can't believe it!!! Thank you!!!! I have no idea what to say except for thank you. It means a lot to me. I started writing posts on this blog on 18 March 2017. Today is 11 June 2017. In 81 days we got 1000 page views!!! What!!?  That's crazy!!!! Till now I have written 37 posts and we got 1000 views. It's just crazy that you guys come here and read my blogs. It's just CRAZY!!! It means a lot to me. Thank you guys so so so so much!!!

Thank you guys again, it means a lot to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you guys for reading this post. If you like my blog, make sure to follow and subscribe.
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$1100 Gaming PC build!!

$1100 Gaming PC build!!

Hey guys!!!!
I have not written a post about gaming pc builds in a long time!!!
If you want a killer pc which can get 60 fps at 1440p in ultra settings for 1100$, this pc is for you
For the motherboard, I chose the Gigabyte B250M-D3H. I have used gigabyte motherboards in the past and they are very reliable. The B250M-D3H has support for 2-way AMD crossfire. It also has M.2 support for super fast SSDs. The mobo costs $85

For the CPU, I chose the i7 6700. You don't really need an i7 for gaming, but if you are doing editing work, you should have an i7. The i7 6700 is a killer cpu. It costs $301
For Ram, I chose 8 GB of hyperx fury ram. If you want to a little over your budget, you can get 16 gb ram. The ram costs $59

For the graphics card, I had to go with the gtx 1070. Now this is a beast of a car…

I created an instagram account!!

Hey guys!!!!Today I created an Instagram account which I wanted to post for quite a few months but I kept postponing it. Today I finally did it!! I have created my profile and it looks decent. I have only posted 7 photos but common I created the account today. I think that everyone should create an Instagram account. If anyone of you guys have an Instagram account, let me know in the comments below. Also if you want a review about windows 10 let me know in the comments down below. Also we are so close to a 1000 pageviews!!! Can you guys believe it? I can't. I just created this blog like in march and in 3 months we are close to 1000 views!! Wow that's amazing and crazy. Thank you guys for the support.
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Coolermaster sickleflow x 120mm case fan review

Cooler master sickleflow x 120mm case fan review.
Hey guys
I ordered the cooler master sickleflow x 120mm case fan some days ago and it just arrived today o i thought that I should write a review about it.
So the packaging was actually pretty nice, here is a pic:
It is a 120mm fan and it is compatible with my case which is an iball axton. The fan has led lighting and I ordered the blue led version which goes really well with my setup's color scheme. The screws that came with the fan were a little big though so that was a problem and it took like 2 hours to install this case fan. It has a 3 pin connector and it also came with a 3 pin to 4 pin molex adapter which is really nice but I did not use the adapter. Here are its specs: Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm Noise: 19 db Bearing type: 4th gen. bearing Power consumption: 4.2 W Voltage: 12 VDC Weight: 109 grams Fan life expectancy: 160,000 hours FULL SPECS:
I bought i…