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My favourite free to play games

My favourite free to play games

Hey guys today I am going to tell you my favourite FREE TO PLAY games of all time.

1) I really like because it is just so simple and so addicting.In the game You are a cell and you eat other cells. Wow!! that sounds fun doesn't eat???
2) Cookie clicker-  In the game you CLICK ON COOKIES!!!! That sounded stupid to me at first but when I played the game, I played it all day.
3) Snow- I found this game on steam and I thought that I should give it a try and the game is actually cool. I also think that it is my favourite winter sports game. The music of the game is awesome
4) -  In this game you are a tank and you shoot other tanks. The game is actually really fun but I don't like the controls of the game so that is why it is 4th on this list.

Thank you guys for reading this post
These are my favourite free to play games. what are yours?
let me know in the comments below



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