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Should you get a 144hz montitor???

Hey guys!!!
So should you get a 144hz monitor???For a 144hz monitor you need a powerful computer
Because it is pretty difficult to achieve 144 frames per second.You need like a gtx 980 for a 1080p 144hz monitor. And for 1440p 144hz you need a gtx 1080 to. The gtx 1080 is not powerful enough to get 144 fps in 1440p. I think that a 4k 144hz also came out but it is around 2000 dollars. 144hz monitors are expensive. 1080p 144hz monitors are not that expensive they are around 200$. 1440p 144hz monitors are a little bit on the expensive side. They are around 600 to 800 dollars. So if you want a 144hz monitor you NEED a good computer.Thank u for reading this post.


The benefits of PC gaming

Hey guys!!!!

First off all let me start of by saying that I love consoles because they have great exclusives and they are pretty powerful (for eg Ps4 pro and the upcoming Xbox Scorpio)

So PC gaming has A LOT OF ADVANTAGES and I am going to go over them.

1. You can customize your  PC build however you want:  You have tons of options to customize your gaming PC however you want and I really like that and you can also upgrade anything, anytime.

2. You don't have to pay to play multiplayer games: You don't have to pay to pay games on PCs

3. Mods:  Mods are the best on pc games for eg I downloaded tons of mods for Just Cause 3.

4. You can play however you want to:  You can play with a mouse and keyboard or you can just plug in a gamepad and start playing.

5. PC games are cheaper:  PC games are far cheaper than console games.

6. Steam: Steam is AWESOME!!!!! I buy all the games from there. The steam sales are AWESOME!!!! The original price of Just Cause 3 was $15 and I bought it for …


Hey guys!!1

SO..... SORRY!!! for not posting for a few days. I couldn't post anything because I WAS SICK!!!!!!! and I hate being sick so sorry!!!! Also Thank you guys for 700 views!!! that's crazy also this blog is a month old now!!! So in 1 month we got 700 views!!!!! THAT'S CRAZY. Even after not posting. Anyway guys sorry for not posting anything on my blog. Also if you guys have any questions to ask me I can do that so if you have any questions let me know in the comments down below also I am going to bring back that subscribe button back so that you guys will be notified when I post anything. BTW I am going to choose the questions 100% randomly so if you have any questions let me know in the comments down below. So yeah that's all I have to say. I will TRY posting regularly from tommorw.

By tomorow's post I will bring back the subscribe button.

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$14 headphones vs $65 Headphones

65$ Headphones vs $14 headphones

Hey GUYS!!!
I got a pair of $14 headphones and a pair of $65 headphones.
Let's found out which is better

For the $14 headphones, I chose the Philips Sbc-hl140 and for the $65 headphones I chose the Audio Technica ATH-m30x.

Let's start with comfort.
The $14 dollar headphones are actually surprisingly COMFORTABLE. It has an adjustable headband too. These headphones are on-ear headphones which  I can accept at this price range. These headphones are LIGHTWEIGHT and SMALL. For comfort I would give these an 8.5/10.

Now for the Audio Technica Ath-m30xs
These are COMFORTABLE THEY ALSO have an adjustable headband. And the earcups are made of leather. They also have good sound-isolation, For comfort I would give these headphones a sold 10/10

Now for the sound quality

The $14 headphones actually sound pretty good but they are not that BASS heavy but they sound decent for their price. For sound quality I would give these headphones an 8/10

The audio techn…

5 Items that will spice up your setup

Hey guys!!!!!!!!!!

These 5 items will spice up your setup for SURE!!!!

1. Cable management items:  Cable management is like the heart of your setup. Whenever I look at a setup, the first thing I see is cable management. You can get items such as cable sleeves and cable boxes.
Link for the cable sleeve:

Link for the cable box:

2. LED strips:  I do have an Led strip for my setup and it really spices up my setup so I would recommend an LED strip that would cos around $20
Link for the Led strip:…

Should you get a gaming laptop?

Hey guys!!!!!

I have made a post on laptop gaming vs desktop gaming but I wanted to post in detail about laptop gaming, gaming laptops are expensive like more expensive than desktop pcs but they are portable so that's why they are expensive. It is difficult to find a descent laptop under $2000.I know that you can find compact gaming pcs but they are expensive too. As I said in my old post, if you travel a lot you should get a gaming laptop. But you don't HAVE to get a $9000 laptop which has 2 gtx 1080s, i7 7820 HK AND 64 gigs of ram. You can get a laptop around $1000 like the Dell inspiron 7567 which has a Gtx 1050 ti and a descent cpu and it can do some descent 1080p gaming Link:
You can build a desktop pc which is going to be less expensive and more powerful BUT they are not going to be portable like a laptop.

Thank you guys for reading this post, so are you going to get a gaming laptop or are you going t…

IS blogging worth it?

My experience with blogging

Hey guys today I want to share my experience as a blogger Now you are probably wondering why I am writing this KINDA post on a GAMING BLOG. I am doing it because I want to share my experience being a blogger for some weeks. I wanted to blogging for a long time. I started blogging on 18 march 2017 and the post which I posted that time is the most viewed posted currently, so blogging worth it. In my opinion blogging is FUN like fun. I am a fast typer, I am not super good at typing but I am descent so I thought blogging would be perfect for me. I wanted to do youtube and I do have 1 youtube channel but I focus on the blog more. I post on this blog like everyday sometime 6 times a day 5 times. but for a week I did skip blogging but I was busy at the time. Now if u want to earn money from blogging and want to use google adsense then you may have to do some changes to your blog like writing longer posts and writing a descent about me page.

There you guys go I sh…

500 PAGEVIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys today we hit 500 pageviews on our blog 500!!!!!!!!! I am so so so so so so thankful to you guys I cannot believe it!!!!!! it is just getting crazy and crazy. We just hit like 250 page views like some days ago. What?????? Thank u guys so much. I did not even expect that I would get like 10 views. I know that 500 is not a lot but it means a lot to me a lot to me. Thank u guys for reading my posts. I feel like I am doing these milestone videos like after every 150 views. But from now on I am going to do these after every 500 views. Thank you so much

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Mad Max Game REVIEW

Hey guys!!!!!!!

Today I am going to review the game Mad max.I know that this is a 1 year old game but I just have to review it because it is my favourite game TILL NOW. I also got this game from a steam sale.
According to its publisher, up to 60 percent of the game focusus on driving. In the game you upgrade this car called magnum opus. And that is my favourite part of the game because I like the games in which you can upgrade your stuff so that it actually feels like you are making progress. The story of the game is WAY better than Just Cause 3. The game is developed by Avalanche Studios and is published by Warner Bros. The graphics of the game are AWESOME. This game is super duper pretty. The game is also open world which I REALLY LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The optimization of the game is also AWESOME!!!!! and there is nothing in the game that I hate at all. I have also watched the movie and it is awesome as well.

Pros of the game:
The game is pretty
It's fun
The map is massive
It pla…

Just Cause 3 Review

Just Cause 3 Review
Hey Guys!!!!!!!
I know,I know,I know that this game is 1 year old but I wanted to review it BECAUSE it is my 2nd favourite game TILL NOW.
I really wanted this game from like when it came out but I keep postponing it so I never got to buy the game. One day, (I think it was like last year) I saw that there was a steam sale (I think it was the summer sale) and the price went down for the game so I thought that this was the PERFECT time to get this game. I got the game and it's size was around 35 gb. It took like an hour to download the game. I started playing the game and I had a feeling that I was going to play this game EVERYDAY. At the beginning of the game Rico (the main character of the game) jumped of a helicopter and used his parachute and then landed on the ground and then he met his friend Mario. His friend seemed very funny to me. Then Rico killed the soldiers. For me the story was long, so I cannot really write the whole plot here. But the story was no…

Should you get the Gtx 1080ti?????

Hey Guys!!!!!
For some of you who don't know, The Nvidia geforce Gtx 1080ti came out like a month ago and according to Nvidia it is currently the best graphics card that you can buy. Now the Gtx 1080 ti is not cheap and it costs around $700, so should you get it??????
It completely depends on you as I said in my older posts. If you have like a gtx 750ti or like a gtx 760 and if you want to play at 4K ON ULTRA SETTINGS and if you have the money to buy a $700 graphics card then.............. go for it OR if you cannot afford these expensive cards then..... just save your money. If you have a gtx 1080 then......... DO NOT GET THE GTX 1080TI. Because patience is always the key to............. EVERYTHING. Wait for the VOLTA GPUS. I mean if you are able to afford a new graphics card like every 2 months then you can get the Gtx 1080ti. IT DEPENDS ON YOU!!!!!! If you are going to get the Gtx 1080ti for 1440p gaming then DO NOT BUY IT YOU CAN SAVE SOME MONEY AND GET THE GTX 1080 OR THE GTX …

Should you get the PS4 slim??

Hey guys!!!!!!!!!!

Should you get the ps4 slim??? Let's find out

If you don't have a 4k TV and you want to get a ps4 but don't have space for your ps4. The ps4 lim is PERFECT for you because it is..................SLIM. The ps4 slim is slimmer than the xbox one s. The ps4 slim is also a little bit. The ps4 slim has a liitle bit different controller than the ps4. I know it's not a big difference but there is an extra slither of light bar at the top of the touch bar. The optical audio port is missing but hardly anyone uses it. If you have a 4K TV then I would go with the PS4 PRO. It completely depends on you. If you have a 4K TV then go for the ps4 pro but if you have a 1080p tv then get the ps4 slim or....... you can get a 4k tv and a PS4 Pro.

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Viewers are not just numbers,they are people

Viewers are not just numbers,they are people.

Hey Guys!!!
Today we hit 300 page views on our blog!!!!! THIS IS CRAZY!!!!
I AM REALLY THANKFUL TO YOU GUYS. Our blog just hit 150 pageviews like some days ago. That's crazy!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you for 300 views,you guys are AWESOME!!!!!

$800 gaming pc build

Hey guys if you want a gaming pc for $800, this is the one for you.

Let's start with the motherboard, I chose the Asus B85M-G R2.0 and it costs $70
Now it's time for the Ram I chose 8gb of Crucial Ballistix RAM and it costs $64Link:

For the cpu I chose the i5 4460, this is actually a pretty descent cpu for gamong and it costs $186.
And for the graphics card, I chose the Gtx 1060,this card can run games at 1080p on ultra settings.
It costs $200 L…

Do you need a smartphone?

Hey Guys!!!!!!
Do you need a smartphone?

If you want to do basic tasks such as calling and texting, I don't think that you really need a smartphone. BUT if you want apps like twitter,snapchat,instagram,pinterest,tumblr,facebook etc on your phone, then I think you need a smartphone. BUT, Do you need an expensive smartphone like the iphone7 or the google pixel? I don't think so. But if you want a super good camera then I think you need an expensive phone like samsung galaxy s8 or the google pixel or the iphone 8. It completely depends on you. I am pretty sure that ALMOST everyone on earth has a smartphone. Thank you guys for reading this quick post. What phone do you have? Let me know in the comments below.
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My favourite video game genres

Hey Guys!!!!!
Ok so I was working on this post for a day and I wanted to share my favourite video game genres with you.

My favourite video game genre is probably action/openworld. I LOVE open world games because you can free roam wherever you want to. IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!! My favourite open world games are Just Cause 3 and Mad Max.
My 2nd favourite video game genre is racing. I like racing games because I am quite good at them. My favourite racing game is The crew.

My 3rd favourite video game genre is parkour. I like parkour games because they are AWESOME!!!!!! You can climb,run,jump etc My favourite parkour game is Mirror's edge.

My 4th favourite video game genre is first person shooter. I don't play first person shooter games all the time but when I play them I have fun. My favourite first person shooter game is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Thank you guys for reading this post. These are my favourite video game genres,what are yours? let me know in the comments below.
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