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My favourite video game genres

Hey Guys!!!!!
Ok so I was working on this post for a day and I wanted to share my favourite video game genres with you.

My favourite video game genre is probably action/openworld. I LOVE open world games because you can free roam wherever you want to. IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!! My favourite open world games are Just Cause 3 and Mad Max.

My 2nd favourite video game genre is racing. I like racing games because I am quite good at them. My favourite racing game is The crew.

My 3rd favourite video game genre is parkour. I like parkour games because they are AWESOME!!!!!! You can climb,run,jump etc My favourite parkour game is Mirror's edge.

My 4th favourite video game genre is first person shooter. I don't play first person shooter games all the time but when I play them I have fun. My favourite first person shooter game is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Thank you guys for reading this post. These are my favourite video game genres,what are yours? let me know in the comments below.
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