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I finally got a fidget spinner

I finally got a fidget spinner!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!!!

So I finally got a fidget spinner!!!!!!

I wanted to get a fidget spinner for ages.
Before I start to say anything about fidget spinners, make sure to check out motion blur.
This dude makes amazing artwork.
Here is his twitter

I was not paid by him!!!

Ok so I wanted to make a post about fidget spinners for a while but I kept post poning, which nobody should do!!
I got a fidget spinner which costed like 4$, I will leave a link later on the post. I got an led fidget spinner which really looks cool., as you can see in the picture below.

Now, some people say that this fidget spinner toy helped them a lot. This toy has been advertised to help people with a lot of stress and anxiety. I really liked this toy. It did kinda help me. It helped me focus on a lot of work. Its also very pleasing to watch it spin. My fidget spinner spins for about 1 minute which is okay for me. For some of you who don't know this is how a fidget spinner looks without led lights. Not all fidget spinners have led lights

Fidget spinner!!!!

Thank you guys for reading this post.
Fidget spinner link: twitter: instagram:




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